Live hard & die young. Ha. Ha. Ha.

What an average day.
But not really in a bad way.

I stopped by the gas station next to the old K-Mart before school for coffee.
Always guantees a good day.

I had Fruit Loops & Trix yogurt for lunch.
It was tasty.

Probably failed a Latin test.
But passed the History quiz!

Stopped by Penny's afterschool to look at curtians with my mother.
Bought three clearences sweaters with a coupon.
Got dinner.
Sang abnoxiously loud along with the Stones & made up the lyrics when I didn't know them.
Saw Jeremy Nelson.
Came home.
Had a taco. Or a few tacos.
Found my old tie-dye dress I thought I'd lost.
Got online.
Is here. Now.

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I suppose that's all.

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Take a swig of your root beer & tell yourself it's the real thing.

Mmm.. HeadWest for dinner.

Mom: Whatever you do, don't watch channel three between eight & ten tonight.
Me: Why?
Mom: Because there's a movie called Locus on.
Me: Ewww.. *shivers* Thanks. That would freak me out.
Mom: Yeah, I know. But these locus are carnivorous.

So. Now not only can bugs scare the bejesus out of me, they'll eat me, too. Fuckin' great.

Just thought you'd like to know.

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"Hey mister, can you tell me where a man might find a bed?"

Yesterday, shortended-version: Woke up early, shower, computer, around the house, gas station, home, All That reunion, weird memories, online, baked cookies, homework, sleep, crazy dream.

Yesterday, the long way:

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Today I'm... I don't know what I'm doing. Oh well.

I wish I had some meaningful message to talk about on here.
But no, I just have teenage shit, pictures, survies, inside jokes & the stuff in my head.
& you read it, regardless.

"I just spent sixteen days in the jailhouse,
For the crime of having no dough.
Now here I am, back out on the streets.
For the crime of havin' no where to go."

Tehe, I like that song.

Okay. I'm done.

La la la la la.

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"We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl."

"That is disgusting!" -Dr. Day

You had to have been there.

School today was berable. I had the worst five-hour night sleep ever because I had this shitty nightmare. I was on a beach & we had to go out into the ocean. It was a buncha people I'd met at a show, plus a few random friends. I was afriad to go out far into the ocean [real fear, actually] because I didn't trust my ability to swim enough to be in such deep water & I somehow started to drown. One of my friends helped me to shore where there was a banaster to help you get out, like they have in pools. But the guy who was helping me pushed me & I hit my head on the bar, cracking it open. So I fell backwards & layed down, bleeding & freaking out & whatnot when my mother comes over. But she says "We already have too many doctor bills from you. We're just going to let this one heal itself." So she took me home & sent me to my old room where I ended up slowly bleeding to death in upstairs bathroom. Not that scary of a dream, but it sure as hell freaked me out.

Nothing too special in any of my classes. I read a lot. It's a new book my mother bought me at a sale called Tithe. It's surprizingly lots better than I thought it would be.

Duncan told me today that ever since I've gotten back, I've been reading all the time. It's weird, but I feel more... I dunno, old-Julia-ish. More quiet. More kept back. Back when people always told me I wasn't talking. Even though I don't think I'm acting [much] different, I feel different. & I don't know if I like it or not.

After school Carlos drove me home because I was cold & wet & tired & hungry. So I had an orange roll & slept till eight. Watched What Not To Wear with my mother, had dinner & a delicious drink, played The Sims 2, & now I'm here.

So, as it turns out, driking alone when you're already feeling mildly lonely only makes you feel that much lonlier. Although we all knew that, I chose to find it out for myself. Again. For some reason, anytime I choose to come home rather than go out I feel like I deserve a drink to put me to bed. My mother was right when she suggested this one though; pepermint Schnapps & hot cocoa are wonderful together.

I'm making a mix [or two, or three. Depends on how long it is.] of my favorite song by nearly every band I listen to. It's going to take a while. But here's what I have to far:

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Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting than today.

I needed today to sleep.

& vent a little. But I'm not sure what about.

I suppose I'll stop now while maybe two people are still reading.

♥ [♥] ♥
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Take a risk? I suppose.

Hooray for full days of school!
No, I lied. Screw full days of school; I'm tired.

Classes = mehhh. Nothing important.
My first four hours were all blow-off hours.
I read almost two hundred pages & finished my book. Woot.

My mother & I went Kohls-shopping after school.
70% off rocks my knee socks.
& all the other socks, too.

I need to sneeze like crazy.

Fuck being fifteen. & fuck crushes. & fuck the social scene. & fuck highschool.

Even thought I love it all.

I need to go out & clear my head.

No. No. No. I know what I need.

I need to climb a tree.

PS- Happy 420 day, you stoners. Lovelove.
& I still really need to sneeze.
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